• Suman Dangol

Our Plan to Innovate

The main function of LopesEat is to provide a food delivery service. However, as a company, our vision is vastly greater. As we continue to leverage the gig economy and create thousands of jobs there will always be better ways in which we can grow and create a superior service for our consumers. Currently, our team consists of many important individuals integral to the success of LopesEat. We have 2 very talented software engineers Justin and Will who have helped us create the full stack of the LopesEat platform. Since the beginning, we've been discussing the growth potential of this company and the ways in which we can be at the forefront of innovation with some crazy ideas that will come to fruition. The reason why we need to innovate is that large companies won’t. There is a simple reason for this called the innovator's dilemma. This gives us the perfect opportunity to have rapid growth and success in ways other companies just don't have the ability to risk.  Here is the outline of key areas that will contribute to the rapid growth of the LopesEat platform: our ability to roll-out on a vast scale, enveloping our platform with AI, and automation. To do this, we need to grow our team of talented engineers, software developers, and business leaders. So consider reaching out if you want to join the team and help out ideas come to life.



We created a platform and system that can easily scale to multiple locations. We can change the name of the platform to tailor to a location or change our name to something more ubiquitous than LopesEat. We plan to increase the number of schools we’re in by 50% per quarter. By 2022 we plan to be in at least 35 schools and have created student job opportunities for runners, developers, engineers, and more.

Machine Learning & Ai

We currently have many different computer vision software systems available that use ML and AI to create leverage. As we continue to grow we will have developed extremely advanced N.N. capable of handling a vast number of operations in different sectors.

One of the mains reasons for doing this is when we develop autonomous systems. Also, this will help us access data to help create a better system for our delivery network. 

Delivery Automation

This will not replace runners but rather be a cohesive unit in which robots can supplement deliveries. We will have fully optimized yet primitive on-ground delivery robots by the end of this year.  In addition, we will start on a drone prototype by Q1 2021 whose sole purpose is to accurately go from point a-b. This requires us to work on developing code and hardware to allow for use in computer vision to autonomously deliver in order to do this we need GPS and a camera with a little bit of code to process what is below and at sides of the aircraft. We want the first version of our drones will be able to carry about 3kg payload (for reference a coke can is .8kg).


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